You Could Win a Trip to BDwest!

What is eXpoReality?

eXpoReality utilizes Augmented Reality to create unique and engaging 3D experiences for Exhibitors and Players through their phones.

Just like the traditional trade show passport—Players will visit booths to fill their digital passports and collect 3D Boutique Design tokens hidden on the BDNY trade fair floor.

Talk to the following exhibitors to find their tokens:
Architectural Products by Outwater #2123
Brown Jordan Kitchens #775
CF Kent #1375
CP Lighting #2059
EcoSmart #481
Elite Modern #765
Mitchell Black #279
PI Fine Art #1873
Quartzmaster #1183
Shademaker #2138
Valsan #1579
WAC Modern Form Booth #1269
Win a trip to BDwest or a $100 Visa Gift Card!
Attendees who complete their digital passports have a chance to win a paid trip to BDwest including a 2 night hotel stay and airfare.Every hour starting at noon until show close at 5pm, all completed passports will be entered in a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card. At show close on Monday, November 13, we will draw the grand-prize winner who will receive a paid trip to BDwest!*

Download & Register Now!

  1. Download eXpoReality at the Google Play store or the App Store
  2. Input BDNY2017 for the game code
  3. Create an account – we will announce winners through this email, so please provide your real name and an email account you check often
  4. Play the game!

How to Play

After registering, a list of our participating booths will pop up. Players will use this list to see what booths they’ve visited or still need to visit.

Once at an eXpoReality booth, Players will press the camera button located on the bottom right corner of the screen. The Exhibitor will tell them what object to point their camera phone at and a 3D image will appear.

Players click and collect the 3D Boutique Design tokens to fill their passport.

After visiting and collecting all the participating booth’s points, the bar at the bottom of the screen will say “Game Completed”. Players will then be eligible for the all the prize drawings.

Terms and Conditions
Players must complete their full digital passports within the eXpoReality app by visiting each of the fifteen exhibitors to qualify for the prize drawings.

Players of eXpoReality have 21 opportunities to win, including 20 opportunities for a $100 Visa Gift Card and 1 grand prize opportunity to win a paid trip to BDwest.

The paid trip to BDwest includes a 2-night hotel stay at a hotel of HMG’s choosing and $500 towards airfare to Los Angeles. The 2-night hotel stay and airfare may only be used if the grand prize winner registers to attend BDwest. The winner’s credit card information must be provided to HMG for the cost of any incidentals used at the hotel.

If at any time the grand prize winner should cancel their BDwest registration, HMG reserves the right to revoke the hotel stay and charge the grand prize winner the amount of the flight. If the grand prize winner does not check-in to their hotel and/or does not attend BDwest, HMG reserve the right to charge the player the full amount of a 1-night hotel stay and the cost of the airfare.