Bringing the Transformational Power of Chor Boogie and Steampunk to BDNY


Acclaimed spray paint artist Chor Boogie and Steampunk sculptor Bruce Rosenbaum will create art installations “live” during BDNY

Meet Chor Boogie – Spray Paint Artist, Booth #883


Spray paint art culture first emerged from vigilante creations in the streets, evolving to become widely recognized as a medium of fine art. Spray paint art and street art inspired aesthetics are becoming vital elements in contemporary interior design, public spaces, and branding.

Artist Chor Boogie will offer a live spray paint art demo—while raising awareness about this medium of art. Audience participation will be welcome. Visitors will get to pick up a can and try their hand at the art form.

“BDNY is a thrilling event that is on the frontier of design, creative innovation, and cultural diversity. I’m excited to share this art form and my creative process, live and in person, with this vibrant group of guests.” – Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie, a.k.a. Joaquin Lamar Hailey, is a critically acclaimed spray paint artist. He was recently honored by Société Perrier as being number three among the Top Ten U.S. Street Artists. His visionary murals and art exhibitions have appeared all over the globe.

Having emerged, in part, from the world of ‘Graffiti Art,’ Chor profoundly expounds on the genre in style, technique, form, composition, and conceptual underpinnings, as he can no longer be simply categorized as such. Viewers often find it nearly unbelievable that his masterful works are created almost solely from spray paint.” – NBC News


Meet Bruce Rosenbaum – Steampunk Designer, Booth #880


Steampunk, the fusion of modern aesthetic with re-purposed Victorian-era products, has taken the hospitality design world by storm with visionary artist Bruce Rosenbaum of ModVic leading the charge.

The force behind head-turning art installations at Kimpton’s Hotel Marlowe and Nantucket Hotel & Resort, Bruce is bringing the power of Steampunk to BDNY 2016.

He’s joining fellow panelists David Kepron, vice president – global design strategies, Marriott Intl. and Dave Reilly, (Retired) ceo, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors, to discuss how adaptive reuse and steampunk design can create extraordinary experiences in hospitality settings during: The Power of Steampunk: The New Old Design of Cool Branded Experiences at BDNY.

Bruce is also serving as “artist-in-residence,” alongside team members Todd Cahill and Sam Ostroff, and you’ll get to see their work in action! They’ll be fabricating a replica of the Steampunk whale they created for the Nantucket Hotel & Resort on the South Concourse of the Javits Convention Center – where you’ll get up close and personal with the creative process of Steampunk design.

Why he can’t wait for BDNY 2016: “I’m really looking forward to telling the story of how Steampunk art and design – the fusion of history + art + technology – can change how the hospitality industry engages with their guests in an authentic, powerful and meaningful way!”